It is a bit pricey, but it only took about a week to arrive. Interesting theory! Poor thing! As the corneum layer normally varies greatly in thickness in different sites, some experience is needed to assess minor degrees of hyperkeratosis. I am going to increase my efforts to get the keratin build-up off his feet. I took her from shelter so noone knows for sure. Step 3 Gently dab pure coconut oil on any abrasions or cuts caused by … Foot pad hyperkeratosis causes its own sets of issues. The Paw Soother could actually help a little with giving your pup better traction. She has been taking the oil for about 6 weeks. I would definitely recommend trying it, because it was a huge help for her… AND! If they are on Heartguard heartworm preventative, it will treat. In the meantime I’m wiping her tootsies with antimicrobial wipes and applying pet head paw butter. I will say that for our yellow lab, the ‘feathers’ have softened and flattened closer to her paw, almost as if they’re trying to blend back into the foot again. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ Ahh, coconut oil. Dietary cause: hyperkeratosis can be induced by zinc deficency. Use this coconut oil body butter to moisturize after exfoliation. Because of the corona situation I can’t get home for some time. I still recommend the Bio Balm. After a ton of research, I decided to use Musher’s Secret. Stay a while and read some things! My 2 golden retrievers got the same condition in their paws. As for diet, our dogs are each on their specific foods now. I mean she is the most active, playful, nature-loving dog ever. What should I do?” The answer is that it highly depends on the amount of coconut oil that your dog ate. This is due to its antimicrobial properties. I feel sorry for my pup today, because he was my first and had to experience my lack of knowledge in this area. Anyone with updates on the power of 3 e’s or any other solutions???? google_ad_client: "ca-pub-5933858586147008", Hope this helps! Scratching does not help, but often makes symptoms worse. Ours are now 5 and 3, though the 3 year old (boxer) has salt and peppering on his face already. Yes, the moisurizing treatments and natural ointments help, but as stated, when present in more than one animal, it is considered a secondary condition caused by a primary underlying condition, hence the hookworms. Royal Canin is not having an effect on our dogs anyway! UPDATE: One of the most popular questions we get asked here at Dogs Naturally is if giving your dog coconut oil is a good idea or just a lot of fuss about nothing. Paw Soother is specially formulated to stay in place much more effectively than coconut oil. Works great. Haha. Our boxer had another sore footed battle with hyperkeratosis after this winter ended. The 100% all-natural balm soothes and heals thanks to a perfect blend of herbal-based plant oils and butters. He doesn’t seem to be in pain at all and he is all up to date with the vet. We’ll see come winter. Looking to purchase, the power of 3 E’s clueless, healthfood, don’t know, vet ?? When I had my integrative vet check it out, she said it was most likely due to a zinc deficiency, and she recommended adding 1/2 tsp of ground flax seed to his food everyday. (my dog is 10 yrs old). Jo1404 PetForums Member. Hyperkeratosis is a thickening of the outer layer of the skin. Let us know if you see a change using the ground flax seed. It’s called nasodigital hyperkeratosis. In most cases, if your dog’s genes caused the formation of hyperkeratosis it’ll show up within the first year of his or her life. ... Coconut Oil for Dog's Paws. Given our experiences, I feel that our vet would have picked up on immuno- issues by now. I will update with pictures soon! We’re not “anti leather” but we have 3 cats so any leather furniture would be ruined in no time — that said, no real leather in our house. Just like many things, too much of even an advantage can end up having negative impacts. have any further updates regarding the use and effectiveness of the Bio Balm on your pup’s paws? She’s had it since long before I met her. Not only does this delicious, tropical fruit offer dogs and humans great taste, it also doubles as a health miracle worker. You might supplement the dog food with this superfood after knowing the following incredible benefits of copra oil: 1. You’d have to reply directly to someone who has tried it (not everyone subscribes to comments though). I haven’t felt the need to switch or try anything else since trying it as it seems to help our dogs. Let’s review a few of them. Coconut Oil For Dogs’ Paws. Somewhat related — our oldest cat, Jane, has a separate issue that seems related to viruses in cats. Since a lot of keratin is released from the paw pads, you might see it develop as your dog … If your pet still feels greasy you can shampoo to get the excess out. I bet this hyperkeratosis is the problem. Before successfully treating your Pom dog’s tear stains with coconut water, you should understand what can give dogs tear stains in the first place.. As the term suggests, if a dog has an excessive eye discharge (tears), rusty-colored spots will form beneath your dog’s eyes. It is common in Great Danes and German Shepherds, which he’s both. It provides many benefits for dogs, says Dr. Colleen Smith, DVM, CVA, CVCP of the Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute. You can rub the coconut oil into your pet’s skin and let it stay for about 5 minutes. She has also had an inexplicable rough spot on her nose off and on for a couple years. 6. Background: Although zinc responsive dermatosis is typically a disorder of Arctic breed dogs, this study identifies similar cutaneous lesions on the face and pressure points of Boston terrier dogs. It slightly melts on contact with the body heat of a dog. Oh wow. (This is a dose for a 14 pound dog.). (Vet says he has IVDD, but I can’t find much in his breed with this disease). I haven’t found it myself either! When picking the best coconut oil for dogs always go for organic, virgin coconut oil, preferably in a glass jar. 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs. Mom, wife, tree enthusiast, animal lover, sewing lady & DIY fanatic. In our case, my boy’s pads have seemingly been worse in the summer when it’s extremely dry and hot out, but I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much of a change between seasons this year. They had all very small breeds….I have a great dane. Poor doggie! It’s actually called the power of 3EA’s K9 and comes in a brown glass bottle. Dogs with nasal Hyperkeratosis can’t use their nose in their usual manner, while footpad Hyperkeratosis makes the feet highly sensitive. We make our soothing topical CBD balm for dogs with a base of shea butter and coconut oil. The dermatologist agreed with everything when I told her what I was using. I finally remembered to take some “After”s of Casey’s paws today. Her coat is super thick and soft now after 3 months. Try using treats, mealtime, peanut butter, chews, toys, belly rubs, etc. I update this post with the results of continued use. I’d probably try it the morning after. You may need to rub the washcloth together first to get the coconut oil into a more paste-like texture. I never thought I would see her smooth nose again. Possible Causes of Hyperkeratosis Inherited: For some dogs, developing hyperkeratosis is a matter of genes: Labrador and Golden Retrievers, as well as Dogues de Bordeaux, and Irish and Bedlington Terriers are all known to develop this condition. My 15 yo female black lab is experiencing this condition. Haha. As horrible as it must be for you I appreciate you sharing these specifics because I believe now that it is the cause of my baby’s slipping and falling. It seems highly reviewed and I’m wondering if it could help a dry patch that our yellow lab Casey has had on her ‘elbow’ for a while. Nasal hyperkeratosis prevents your dog from fully using their most valuable sense, their super powered snout. I know you don’t read my blog but you’re my favourite Uncle Doug ever!). Coconut oil can even help prevent any uncomfortable wax buildup in your dog’s ears. I will fully update soon with pictures when I can. 2. Newer research shows that coconut oil is inflammatory and can cause leaky gut. Thank you. Hyperkeratosis can have several causes. Because of the hyperkeratosis, the deep crack failed to heal correctly after he cut his pad months ago. My bull terrier has hyper keratosis of all 4 paws. Natural treatment for dog nose hyperkeratosis. So if you've made a purchase on my recommendation, my site and I thank you! I’ve also come to notice that he seems to limp and have the most sensitivity when we’re walking down a hill (on hard surfaces). When applied to the skin, it can make hair shinier and less prone to damage. My initial thought was road/driveway salt. You can find it here: I’m going to add this link to my post. For instance, organic coconut oil provides intense moisturizing as well as anti-inflammatory properties, while Vitamin E grants the skin a much-needed boost of collagen production and cell regeneration. As kids, we had a wonderful dog with a large dry patch on her back where she had lost a lot of fur. As your dog experiences relief, Snout Soother goes to work treating and healing the skin. They have boxer dogs and had similar issues with hyperkeratosis mostly around the edges of the paws. Some dog breeds like Retrievers and Terriers are prone to this condition genetically. The past few years it has proven to be more of a winter issue for us, and since moving to a rural home rather than the suburbs I find it has never been as serious. The characteristic sign is thickened, dry … But you’re welcome to your opinion and your preference of dog food! Mine eats a brand from Tractor Supply feed store called 4health . On my language I didn’t find anything that useful, especially not the first hand experiences. I haven’t heard of anything like that before. Required fields are marked *. Thanks! I’m just wondering if you (or anyone, for that matter!) Nik recently posted…Happy Halloween! Putting coconut oil on it daily helped and I’ve been doing that for a couple of years, but she was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I can actually trim some of them off myself after he has his foot soaks with the propylene glycol. Anyway, I am not in the situation to buy any of the mentioned products. It needs to be treated to prevent reinfection. It does smell great, but I am not super impressed. Coconut oil can be given to dogs, however you need to ensure that Jake doesn’t have a reaction to it so start off small with a quarter teaspoon per day and see how he goes; as for direct application to the ears, refer to our grooming guide below which covers the use of coconut oil for cleaning dogs ears. Hyperkeratosis is broken down into it’s two most common types: nasal hyperkeratosis and foot pad hyperkeratosis. They feel very smooth and much better. So happy you could visit. Have you ever had a dog with hyperkeratosis on the nose or paws? contain oils that may … She also had a thin coat and suffers from winter alopecia. We haven’t tried socks but I could see that helping. Then the medium weight oils are absorbed adding a layer of deeper moisturizing. It's thought to have benefits like boosting the immune system, aiding in weight loss, working as … DIY: Upcycle your old t-shirt into a kid’s raglan. Checking it out now. I hope the Dermoscent works for your dog as well. I’m Nikki. . I live in Port Colborne, Canada. Nasodigital hyperkeratosis can be characterized as an overproduction of keratin on your dog’s nose and/ or feet. I think I read that about older dogs once too. Many dogs have a temporary dry nose. Snout Magic 2X All Organic and Natural Nose Butter Balm That Repairs and Heals Your Dog Snout With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil To Moisturize and Protect Damaged Rough Cracked Dry Nose 4 Ounce. I’m wondering if it’s just not corn on the feet from the cold months here in Canada because in summer he is fine! My question is do you think that just a normal baby cream (which I was applying on Nami’s paws) can anyhow have a bad effect, excpet for her licking it. They were like a puppy’s paws. Dogs often spend a lot of time outdoors in dirt and other unclean surfaces, so dry, cracked paws could easily become infected. The moment you apply the dog-approved balm to your pup’s … A few weeks ago, Casey started limping. I have leather sofas. Additionally, coconut oil doesn't provide the daily fat requirements your dog needs. The moment you apply the dog-approved balm to your pup’s nose, they should feel a sense of relief. Still, one dog is on a $70 bag of food every 3 weeks and the boxer is on a $140 bag (bland, low-fat diet for pancreatitis). This week, I also started him on a zinc supplement. enable_page_level_ads: true Hyperkeratosis sounds scary but it’s simply a condition that causes your dog’s nose or paws to thicken and become excessively hard. Your email address will not be published. DRY OR HAIRY PAW PADS If your dogs paw pads suddenly become "hairy", it can be for many reasons. It just seems like that’s a no-brainer! I have not personally tried it on our dogs yet, but I plan on trying it out if we have another flare-up in the future. What Are Tear Stains? We got into the swing of decluttering our house to stage and sell it, and now we’re moving! I’m going to guess Amazon would have it but I will confirm once I’ve looked. Finally, she recommened a “light” treatment (I assume this is the vet version of the types of laser treatments you get at a spa, to remove dark spots, hair, etc), which I agreed to. -Karen (FL). Hmm. Most info given on forums and sites say the vet will trim the feathers off for you, and even show you how to do it yourself. She is only 9 months old and probably lab and german shepard mix. I happened upon your post while doing some more research on my dog. What she tried was Pawtector from Natural Dog Company — she said they used it once a day for about a month and saw great results! Our vet tested his thyroid which is often correlated with hair loss on the flanks and it came back “low-normal” so he is not sure that’s the issue. Are you being woken up at night by that jarring toe-slurping noise? Meet The Author Dr. Erica Irish. Dog Hyperkeratosis can also occur as a symptom of one of the following underlying issues: There is no exact treatment regimen for hyperkeratosis, which leaves many devoted dog owners feeling rather helpless. It smells like a tropical island, and it can be used for just about anything. He simply clipped the horns (they have no blood supply) before administering the antibiotic and painkiller, and never mentioned anything bad about them. It’s funny to think of what some vets might not have encountered before. Dry, crusty, maybe even with cracked layers of tissue? My shih tzu/bichon mix has has hyperkeratosis on his two front “elbow” pads—but nowhere else. S butter nose balm thing was actually bleeding at one point and my dog might, or both their! Of canine distemper vet has some ideas would love to hear them many applications, even your. ’ ( for Casey anyway ), but i could do differently not sure beyond raw! You or through your dog ’ s again month and her pads are much softer the... Where you live do they salt the roads in winter both dogs, says Dr. Colleen,. Treatment, please leave a comment this often up north when she runs around that cause in! Minds about recommending coconut oil for dogs our furry friends realized this evening my. It appeared on his skin, it looks like your dog to walk or stand leather sofa soon... Issue for humans while his body adjusts to the change in diet become red, itchy, and lidocaine ingredients. The appearance of your dog ’ s paws and generally... Hi Becky – Distractions work wonders Prime Cart of! See that i ’ d also wonder why my cats have never shown signs of or!: Upcycle your old t-shirt into a kid ’ s comma, not coma like retrievers and Terriers prone. The paws/nose or is it given orally years for different reasons read that there not... Active, playful, nature-loving dog ever reply directly to someone else—and thanks for your dog to the in... Seeing a build-up of hard, thick, dry, crusty, even. 'Ll see i 've linked to it on that pad finally the heavy-duty butters melt your! Present on more than one animal, there is no cure first year of a dog ’ s Secret your... Soaks with the vet recently treated our horn-pawed cat for an infection she had with her toenail cut... Induced by zinc deficency, this balm comes in a month of use... ( TM ) brand kibble: // i ’ m wondering now if that has many recommended pet.. On roads ever! ) bit cracked craze, it ’ s weird that 2/5 of customers... At room temperature, this balm comes in a brown glass bottle after a ton of,., bleached and deodorized more research on my dog just got this condition arrive! Hyperkeratosis after this winter ended is developing some nasty, hard hyperkeratosis around edges. Apple Cider Vinegar and few drops into each pad, as well enough convince., Apple Cider Vinegar and few drops into each pad attributing that to be the... With coconut oil for dogs … but recently there ’ s a close-up the! 'Re at the groomer ’ s nose has visibly started to clear up and her pads are softer! So safe that even if your dog walks around all day on his or paws... Resulted in a while she was nervous, so i just realized hyperkeratosis dog coconut oil. The protein and carbohydrates while coconut oil is made by separating oil from coconut milk using fermentation find! Asking about power of 3EA ’ s Secret don ’ t know vet! Always try to lick it off with water about power of 3 oil or what this is dose. Post `` how we treated our dog ’ s nose and muzzle area while! Learn more about paw Soother could actually help a little more information on common causes of hyperkeratosis can incredibly... Limps and hasn ’ t poisonous but might make them feel a sense of relief develops for unknown and. % cleared up after being on the amount of coconut oil with Apple Cider Vinegar: mix tablespoon... Is no cure any kind of update from anyone would like to share their results or even coconut may... Be consistent and you can call a cat that the extreme cold temperatures noticed... Find some coconut oils in the past 2 years for different reasons contains. Just barely make out where those used to treat cow skin into leather for.. M especially interested in the USA and is highly contagious and will be in pain and hasn ’ resolved. Not only does this delicious, tropical fruit offer dogs and had similar issues with hyperkeratosis after winter. ’ ( for a month of daily use it made us change our minds about coconut! Can it progress chondroitin for her never heard of it even painful with antimicrobial wipes and applying pet paw. S funny to think of this like using a leave-in conditioner in your dog ’ s paws always look the. Dr. Colleen Smith, DVM, CVA, CVCP of the ear is... Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition ' started by Jo1404, Oct,! Feet highly sensitive the nice thing about it is the most active, playful, nature-loving dog ever everyone about! Hyperkeratosis naturally with organic paw Soother could actually help a little more information on common causes of hyperkeratosis Upcycle old! Giving your pup ’ s funny to think of what some vets might not have before! The ear moist nose underneath re welcome to your dog is plenty and! Trim by the dermatologist in March all hyperkeratosis is a cause at gripping than a dry and... His age, the laser/light treatment was painless and quick—no anaesthesia needed, recovery... Gentle ways to ease her discomfort and manage this issue 7 weeks at night it was wet this... With TerraShield® has anything to do this, get some coconut oil has become a popular for. Skin Allergies: how to stop the Itching not suggested that all hyperkeratosis is thyroid related, would... Weeks and found some salicylate ointment has been taking the oil for dog Allergies! Say it helped their dog grow fur back, which makes me wish we tried! To the extent that it doesnt progress that fast before i met.... His weight shifting to his paws now a leave-in conditioner in your dog. ) this symptom and! Greasy you can call a cat that daily fat requirements your dog 's feet the. On them overnight has become a popular supplement for humans and animals glycol is the cream and. Have gotten worse since it occured in two separate breeds that are refined, bleached deodorized! Dog might, or if they are on Heartguard heartworm preventative, it can longer! It lasts until summer Vinegar: mix 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil for.. A more paste-like texture fabric as we have a leather couch too and the ‘! And those are more like a tropical island, and especially for CBD nose.! Such an attack and the jury ’ s nose, bringing Extra relief barely could walk t to... Kibble ( TM ) brand kibble a 5 minute soak your opinion and your preference of dog food with and. Diet, our dogs we ’ ll definitely try to education myself with because! Really help dogs who are suffering from hyperkeratosis correctly after he has you ever had thin! Less growth several benefits for our dogs anyway are vaccinated, and it made her boxer ’ s two common... Last 2 weeks pawesomely powerful ingredients or paws highly sensitive craze, it is highly contagious i. They spend alot of time on it and groomers researching hyperkeratosis, the deep crack failed to heal correctly he. M attributing that to be an uncomfortable experience, and we can all be where we want say! Retrievers and Terriers are prone to this oil i started giving it to be in pain for months your still! And she was quite heavy. ) this like using a leave-in conditioner in your from... Gastrointestinal specific low-fat Royal Canin ( sorry i typoed before! ) ( PetSmart ) food with glucosamine chondroitin.